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Fun Casinos & So Much More!!

We have a large variety of entertainment to keep guests amused and entertained.


Ranging from a Fun Casino featuring Blackjack, Roulette & Dice tables which are all staffed by professional croupiers who will help any guest who’s not sure how to play – guests exchange the voucher they receive for gaming chips and can then gamble away with the guest who amasses the largest amount of chips at the end of the evening winning a prize.


Also available is a selection of Simulators – these include Twin Driving machines, Twin TT Bike Racing or for a wintery theme there’s an Alpine Ski simulator or Snowboard machine.


Or you can test your driving skill on our 8 lane Scalextric track with 8 guests racing at the same time!


There’s also our Quickdraw machine where guests strap on a gunbelt and try to outdraw ‘Quickdraw McGraw’.


Then of course there’s always the ever popular Photobooth for guests to grab some props from the props box and then have some hotshots taken.

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